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Bonzer Coating



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The success of Bonzer Bling Classic had brought interest amongst our users who wanted better, shinier, easier to apply and longer lasting effects for light coloured vehicles.  There was new demand for a premium blend of Ceramic Hybrid spray coatings that offers more durability when it comes to rain and sun.

Though newer, research on Google has shown that this variant has appealed to a different segment of purchasers who will pay a bit more for a premium "Platinum Class" spray coating that offers better protection and convenience. This product is recommended on light coloured vehicles.

Priced lower than other international brands, we remain competitive in terms of effectiveness and acceptance.

Just as our other coatings, Bonzer Premium X2 is also used on matte paint, windscreens, spoilers, car wraps, plastic/rubber parts, chrome, headlights, rims, leather/vinyl dashboard and non fabric seats.

Caution : Do not use the same cloth for parts of the car that is exposed to tar, road grimes and oily surfaces. As this is a coating applied on clean surfaces, we do not guarantee effectiveness if not applied as recommended.

* Please allow between 8 to 24 hours for the super-hydrophobic effects to activate. It is highly recommended that you rinse/wipe-off rain drops during this time.

We assure these standards :

  • Fast and easy solution to shine your car to a showroom finish in minutes
  • Super-Hydrophobicity leaves surfaces clean and shiny on rainy days
  • Multi-role function on car interiors, plastics and chrome with excellent results
  • Safe to apply on a hot day though recommended under a shady spot
  • Economical as you wont need to polish for 2 years or more.
  • Protection from ultraviolet rays and rain water.
  • Excellent for windscreens as it repels water

Tip from us : Ceramic coatings offers better protection on lighter coloured paint.

Choose a product that is appropriate for your needs. This product is not a cleaning or polishing solution. Ensure surface is clean and free from dirt before applying. 

For best results, apply when dry or damped.

* Kindly take note that this product does not remove or prevent scratches, watermarks and pre-existing stains that has built-up over time. 

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