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BONZER RED - 120ml

BONZER RED - 120ml

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Bonzer Red Motorcycle is a pocket size surface & accessory coating designed to protect the paint and other surfaces of a motorcycle and it's accessories from very light swirls, stains, and other types of effect caused by exposure to extreme conditions. 

Formulated with premium ingredients to ensure durability under harsh conditions. This is a mini-pack of our Bonzer Premium X2 repacked in smaller volume. (120ml)

This product is also used on coversets, helmets, stickers, plastic and rubber parts, chromes, visors, headlights, rims, leather & vinyl.

Caution : Do not use the same cloth for parts of the car that is exposed to tar, road grimes and oily residue. As this is a coating applied on clean surfaces, we do not guarantee effectiveness if not applied as recommended.

* Please allow between 8 to 24 hours for the super-hydrophobic effects to activate. It is highly recommended that you rinse/wipe-off rain drops during this period.

We assure these standards :

Fast and easy solution to shine your bike in under 2 minutes.
Super-Hydrophobicity leaves surfaces clean and shiny on rainy days
Multi-role function on all motorcycle parts including chrome.
Safe to apply on a hot day though recommended under a shady spot
Economical as you wont need to polish for 2 years or more.
Protection from ultraviolet rays and rain water.
Excellent for those fast rides as it reduces friction (Super slick)

Choose a product that is appropriate for your needs. This product is not a cleaning or polishing compound. Ensure surface is clean and free from dirt before applying. 

For best results, apply when dry or damped.

* Kindly take note that this product does not remove or prevent scratches, watermarks and pre-existing stains that has built-up over time. 

EXTREME Caution : Do not apply on seats and braking area for your safety.


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